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$14 Per Injector

Advanced Injector is a Complete Fuel Injector Cleaning, Blueprinting and Rebuilding service using the most Advanced Computer Controlled Fuel Injector Flow Testing and Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment available today.

Our customers include Bonneville Salt Flat Land-Racers, Drag Racers, Sprint Car Racers, Dyno & Speed Shops, State Agencies, Auto Repair Shops, Motorcycle Shops, Car Dealers, National Boat and Marine dealers to weekend mechanics who want the absolute best performance and optimal fuel mileage from their cars and motorcycles.

Replacement cost for new fuel injectors can be $150 or more.
Using our exclusive ultrasonic cleaning method and then verified by our thorough testing process, your injectors will perform to absolutely like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of new ones.

There is only one way to properly flow test and clean fuel injectors for optimal performance and maximum fuel mileage, and that is to do them off the car.
There are no chemicals that can be put into your fuel tank, no cleaning kit, and no "on the car" service that will cure a clogged or partially clogged injector filter.
There are no "on the car" tests that will determine if all of your injectors are flowing per OEM specification.
We can.

There are many auto parts stores and on-line stores selling imported Chinese fuel injectors and representing them as quality OEM replacements. They are not.
We have flow tested hundreds of brand new Chinese fuel injectors and found boxed sets of injectors, each injector having the same part number, which had flow rates that varied as much as 10%.
However, after your original OEM fuel injectors are cleaned and flow tested by us, their flow rates should vary no more than 2% relative to each others.

If we canít bring your injectors back to OEM specifications, you pay absolutely nothing.

Your injectors will receive new Filters, O-Rings, Grommets and Pintle Caps (when required).
If requested, your non-plastic injectors will be glass beaded at no additional charge.

We will flow test your injectors at whatever fuel pressure you specify.

Every customer will receive a Before & After data sheet that will show both the Static and Pulse Flow rates of each injector, along with each injector’s relationship to the others.
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Same day service and overnight shipping is available upon request.
Please contact us in advance for that service.

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Please call ahead for current turnaround times and local drop-offs.

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Open 7 Days a Week 8am to 6pm CT


Sorry, we do not service Aircraft Injectors, Diesel Injectors, GM Spider Injectors, CIS Injectors or GDI Injectors.