Advanced Injector Service

Wichita, Kansas

We have a special 11 step process that we use to ensure that your injectors are cleaned thoroughly. This is essentially our checklist to make sure each injector will flow evenly and to specification.
  1. Injectors are externally cleaned, visually inspected, then we number each injector.
  2. We then test each injector for shorts and current draw.
  3. We perform a leak test, check the spray pattern, electrical resistance while operating, and flow. We test these both pulsed and static on one of our flow benches. The test results are then recorded.
  4. After gathering test results, we remove the filter baskets, o-rings, pintle caps, etc. After removing these components, each injector is bead-blasted to remove the paint and rust from the metal injector body.
  5. The injectors are then placed in our ultrasonic cleaning tank to remove any particles, grease, and other pollutants from the exterior that may contaminate the next two cleaning processes.
  6. We place the injectors in a temperature controlled ultrasonic tank. They are cycled on and off allowing the ultrasonic energy to dislodge any build-up of particles that remain within the injectors.
  7. They are then placed into the third ultrasonic tank for additional cleaning. We use a different chemical solution specifically designed for this step. Once again cycled off and on, insuring all particles and contaminates are removed.
  8. A high pressure back-flush is now used in case there might be small particles still found inside the injectors.
  9. After all these steps have been completed, we then flow test the injectors once more through our flow bench. If any injectors are flowing less than expected, we send them back through the cleaning process in order to achieve our expected results. The test data is recorded once more.
  10. We replace the filter baskets, o-rings and pintle caps (where applicable)
  11. Lastly, we prepare a comprehensive test report with the before and after data. We then pack each injector and all removed parts for return.